Hey Duggee: We Love Animals APK Current Version 1.3

Hey Duggee: We Love Animals APK Current Version 1.3

Download Hey Duggee: We Love Animals APK Current Version 1.3 Back of Duggee and this time he has awarded the We Love Animals Badge. Safe, ad-free fun for the little ones!

Squirrels have been learning how to care for animals … and now it’s your turn to have a go!

There are nine crazy creatures to take care of in five beautiful places. Having fun helping them interact with their surroundings – kites, snowmen, sandcastles, balloons, windmills, a kiddie pool, sprouting vegetables, bouncing pumpkins and much more.

Whether it is a chicken, a rabbit, a cat or a hedgehog that will need to be fed, watered, washed and exercised – not to mention a little extra care when sitting in time.

So keep a watchful eye on your expanding wild animal collection to make sure the animals have everything they need to make them happy!

Main features:

  • An interactive application that encourages exploratory and open-ended play;
  • Five places to visit: a park, a forest, the beach, the snow and the countryside;
  • Nine animals to collect: penguin, monkey, hedgehog, chicken, cat, frog, bird, rabbit and mouse;
  • Step by step guide on how to care for animals;
  • Players learn to detect what an animal needs to grow happily: food, water, exercise, a wash, and sometimes a bandage!
  • Playing the correct Mini Game gives the animal what they need and the player wins her We Love Animals badge!



Enid the cat seems to be a little hungry! See if she can feed the right food on the conveyor belt. Give her enough of the food she likes and she’ll be happy again in no time!


I think monkey could do with a drink. Let’s get him some water by connecting the pipes to the water source! What a splendid path you have chosen, squirrel!


How does mouse get so dirty? She could do with a good wash! First get rid of the sheets … next, your cover in soap … and finally pop every last soap bubble! Excellent cleaning!


An animal must be exercised daily! Help Norrie and the tag to get her animals jump and you will get them fit and healthy before you know it!

The care:

Rana has gotten in trouble! No need to worry … bandages in the right places and it will be the same as before before you can say “Ribbet!”.

Customer Support:

If you experience any technical problem with this application please get in touch. Most problems can be easily fixed and we are happy to assist you.


This application does not collect or store personal data from your device.

Download Hey Duggee: We Love Animals APK Current Version 1.3

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