ibis Paint APK – Current Version 7.1.0

ibis Paint APK – Current Version 7.1.0
Download ibis Paint APK – Current Version 7.1.0 ibis Paint is a popular and versatile drawing application downloaded over 80 million times in total as a series, over 2,500 materials, over 800 fonts, providing 362 brushes, 64 filters, 46 screentones, 27 blending modes, recording drawing processes, stabilization characteristic stroke, various ruler characteristics such as radial line rulers or symmetry rulers, and clipping mask characteristics.

Concept / characteristics
-A highly functional and professional feature surpassing that of desktop drawing applications.
-Soft and comfortable drawing experience made by OpenGL technology.
-Recording your drawing process as a video.
-SNS function where you can learn drawing techniques from the drawing process videos of other users.
User Comments
We get many good reputations from users.
-I could never have assumed that I can draw such beautiful drawings on smartphones!
-Easier to use among all drawing applications!
-I have learned to draw digital drawings without Mac or PC!
ibis Paint has high functionality as a drawing application along with features to share drawing processes with other users.
Brush Features
-Smooth drawing up to 60 fps.
In-app purchases
ibis Paint provides you with the “main membership” (monthly payment), which allows you to fully utilize functions right away. The more people become main members, the faster we can develop our application. We would like to create more features, so please consider becoming a main member.
Main membership
A core member can use the core features. You can try it for free for a month at the time of the first purchase. A primary member can use the following features and services
– Prime materials
– Prime fonts
– Tone curve filter
– Gradation map filter
– Cloud filter
– Reorder artwork in My Gallery
– No ads on screens except online gallery
After you become a primary member with the 30-day free trial, if you don’t cancel your “primary membership” at least 24 hours before the last day of the free trial, your “primary membership” will automatically renew and you will be will charge for automatic renewal.
We will add premium features in the future, please look out for them.
About data collection
-Only when SonarPen is used or will be used, the application collects the audio signal from the microphone. The collected data is only used for communication with SonarPen, and is never saved or sent anywhere

Download ibis Paint APK – Current Version 7.1.0

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