INKredible PRO APK – Current Version 2.3.2

INKredible PRO APK – Current Version 2.3.2

 Download INKredible PRO APK – Current Version 2.3.2 It’s amazing how pencil and paper, two inventions whose creation dates back thousands of years, have managed to remain almost irreplaceable. Until now. INKredible has inherited the best ink feature from the popular Notes Plus app. Also now, with automatic rejection with the palm and the wrist, you will be able to make writing on the tablet as good as pencil and paper, or even better. Try it and you will see, it is incredible!


INKredible has ONE mission: to create an exceptional typing experience on your tablet. It is designed to write without distractions. In fact, most of the time you won’t see any buttons or controls on the interface, just a blank sheet of paper to write on.


With over 3 years of R&D in vector graphics ink technology, we are confident that INKredible, with sophisticated manipulation of Bezier curves, will make your writing look more elegant than if you did it on paper.

And even more especially, it will look good at any resolution, to view or print. Just move it closer and you will see why INKredible is unique among other handwriting applications.

… and, well, PERFECT!

Granted, the INKredible tablet writing experience may not be perfect, but it’s the closest to perfection you can find.

Try it out today and see for yourself

Download INKredible PRO APK – Current Version 2.3.2

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