Jo Mai Mai PRO by @Unidestroyer APK Current Version 1.3

Jo Mai Mai PRO by @Unidestroyer APK Current Version 1.3

Download Jo Mai Mai PRO by @Unidestroyer APK Current Version 1.3

The PRO version of the app gives you early access to new features and removes all ads in the app. In addition, we will be introducing new exclusive phrases only available to PRO users.

The legendary drinking game comes to Android from Unidestroyer on Instagram with +450 epic phrases!

Discover the most shameful and spicy secrets of your friends playing the never-ever-definitive me in Catalan. This app is based on the popular drinking game but goes further: it incorporates surprises and new unique and original modes.

Currently the unlocked app has 3 modes and +450 phrases but this is just the beginning. Over the next few days and weeks we will add new modes and we will activate more and more functionalities so that the “I never ever by @Unidestroyer” app becomes a key element to start as it is a good party.

Still don’t know what this me thing is about anymore? We would be ashamed but do not suffer that we explain it very easily in case you are one of those who go to the academy. At first, a phrase that begins with “I never never …” is read aloud and, of all the group of friends gathered, only those who have done the action have to take a drink of their drink. By looking at who drinks and who does not, you can know who has done this and know more about your friends! From here, to laugh, browse and drink if you like …

This is the game of a lifetime, the classic, but in our app you will find innovative variants so you can get more out of the party and have a better time. In fact we have developed two unique sections called

“To the 3 …”

“Drinks …” interspersed with the phrases of

“I never never …”.

A 3 … consists of carrying out an action such as pointing to the most deceitful person in the group when it counts to three. Whoever has the most votes has to do what the phrase says.

In Gulps … all those who meet certain characteristics must have a gulp. For example, “everyone who goes to a private university drinks 2 drinks.”

In addition, the app starts out strong because, apart from the “Classic Game”, it incorporates the “Savage Game” with the most brutal phrases to discover the most hidden and surprising secrets of your friends. The dynamics of this mode is eminently the same as in the classic game but believe us that the phrases give rise to a lot of laughter and unexpected revelations!

Are you still hesitant about whether to install the app?

 We give you 3 compelling reasons:

  • It is the fruit of much work and collaboration with the crème de la crème of the Catalan instagramers
  •  The troll essence of @ Unidestroyer is present in this me never again. For example, try what happens when you try to quit the app by hitting the initial menu …
  • For its design, its colors and because it is without a doubt the best party game made in Catalan.

We insist that all this has only just begun and that soon we will bring even more news, new phrases and exclusive modes, so you better have the app updated. If you have a great idea or proposal for the app or you can think of more epic phrases that you want to add, we will be happy to incorporate them as soon as possible. For this reason and for anything else except trolling selected (we already know each other) we have created an email expressly:

For more information on the young Catalan start-up who has developed this app, you can visit our website or our Instagram account @splashapps

If for some reason you still don’t follow @Unidestroyer on Instagram, here is the link to your profile:

Note : he content of this app is exclusively for comic and entertainment purposes, without any will to be offensive. The aim of the app is to facilitate the discovery of friends in a relaxed and uninhibited context, but the game does not necessarily imply the consumption of alcoholic beverages nor does it encourage or promote it.

Download Jo Mai Mai PRO by @Unidestroyer APK Current Version 1.3

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