Learn Brazilian Portuguese APK – Current Version Varies with device

Learn Brazilian Portuguese APK – Current Version Varies with device

Download Learn Brazilian Portuguese APK – Current Version Varies with device Have you always wanted to learn Portuguese easily and playfully? At MosaLingua we want to contribute to making your learning of Portuguese much easier. That is why we have developed a complete Portuguese course that will allow you to learn everything you need to know to speak Portuguese in a short time.

MosaLingua is an effective method to learn Portuguese or improve your Portuguese level even if you only have a few minutes a day to make your revisions.

Why choose MosaLingua to learn Portuguese?

  • The app to learn Portuguese has a scientific learning system based on repetition by spaces (SRS) that will allow you to memorize Portuguese more effectively, review the content and not forget what you have learned.
  •  The app to learn Portuguese will adapt to you and your difficulties and will prepare a personalized Portuguese course for you.
  • If you spend about 10 minutes a day, in 3 months you will have learned 900 Portuguese words and phrases without effort.
  •  You will focus on what is most useful. You will not waste time with boring Portuguese classes that do not meet your expectations. You will learn 20% of the Portuguese vocabulary used in 80% of situations.
  • You will have the reins of your learning at all times. You can choose the content you want to study and skip the one that does not interest you.
  •  Learn Portuguese in a playful way and the app will be your personal coach, since we include small doses of motivation, useful resources and learning tips.
  •  You can learn Portuguese from anywhere because the app works without an internet connection
  •  The app to learn Portuguese includes the hands-free function, so you can study Portuguese while doing other tasks.
  •  We update the app to learn Portuguese on a regular basis and include more content and many more features that our users suggest to us.
  • You will not have to pay monthly to use the app and learn Portuguese. You buy it today and enjoy it forever.

What will you find in the app?

  •  3,000 learning cards with native Portuguese words and phrases.
  •  14 main categories selected from the essential bases, to specific Portuguese vocabulary specific to computing, tourism, colloquial words, etc.
  •  10 Portuguese levels ranging from beginner to advanced level.
  •  Portuguese classes and tips for learning
  •  37 dialogues in different common situations and during a trip.
  •  Over 100 bonuses that you can unlock during your progression.
  •  With MosaLingua Portuguese you will be able to obtain the CELPE-Bras diplomas
  •  Online Portuguese dictionaries
  •  Possibility of adding your own learning cards.

Download the Portuguese MosaLingua app right now. You will not regret

Download Learn Brazilian Portuguese APK – Current Version Varies with device

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