Little Builders APK Current Version 2.0

Little Builders APK Current Version 2.0

Download Little Builders APK Current Version 2.0

Little Builders: A fun building site for kids ages 2-6!

In our construction zone your children can drive an excavator, mix cement, put a roof on a building, operate a crane, drive a cleaning vehicle or paint a house. There are many things to do here. Our little builders dig, plaster, fill, paint, mix … And they need your kids’ help!

At the same time, they can observe funny things happening, because in every construction zone something always goes wrong. Suddenly a water pipe bursts, a builder falls into the hole, or the wind blows up the bricks because the cement has not yet dried.

Little Builders is the first 3D application for children between 2 and 6 years old, who want to explore the world like real little builders. Depending on the age of the child, all animations and functions can be controlled automatically or manually – by touching the screen.

7 interactive scenarios contain more than 100 interactive animations and surprises:

  1. Drive the excavator, fill the truck, and repair the water line.
  2. Paint the house in different colors and unload the truck.
  3. Operate the crane and build a new roof for the house.
  4. Mix the cement and build a wall.
  5. Operate the cement mixer and cover a large concrete area.
  6. Drive the cleaning vehicle and clean the dirty streets.
  7. Unload the tow truck and make sure it leaves on time.

Stunning graphics, great animations, user-friendly interface, no text and no in-app purchases. Download now and start building!

If you have any problem with the application or any question or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us at any time: We will be happy to help you. Also visit our website where you will find more information and support.

Download Little  Builders APK Current Version 2.0

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