Mega Photo Pro APK Current Version 1.6.2

Mega Photo Pro APK Current Version 1.6.2

Download Mega Photo Pro APK Current Version 1.6.2 You will have a lot of fun with your photos. Mega Photo Pro is a hilarious application that brings your photos and videos to life.

Navigate the 3D maze of your photos or play games with them! Twist, warp, pinch and sag your photos for amazing designs! There are more than 200 effects to choose from and you can see them in real time.

The following games are included: Brick Breaker, Cutter Ninja, Tic Tac Toe Swap, Alien Invaders, Snake, Tile Puzzle, and Circular Tile Puzzle.

The following effects are included: Maze, Engraving, Cube Puzzle, Jewelry, Animated Balls, Glasses, TV, Pachinko, Waving Flag, Sketch, Tunnel, Mosaic, Puzzle, Tone, Blurred Motion, Tile, Relief, Cube rotating, X-ray, collage, night vision, halftone, tunnel lighting and many more. There are also 40 vintage camera effects if you want a retro flair.

Several effects of the free version have been improved, such as the thermal camera effect, to which 8 more variations have been added for you to try them. Not only will you have 13 pages of effects, but you will also have more effects within the effects themselves!

Mega Photo Pro will transform your photos and videos with impressive effects that you will not find in other photography applications. You can not have more fun with your photos!


Mega Photo Pro makes your photos and videos as unique as you are. You can play a tile puzzle with a camera fountain, go through a wormhole tunnel, watch a globe spin, and more! You can use a live camera or a still image. You only have to choose the image you prefer from your library or take a new photo.

Many of the photo effects are interactive so you can customize them before you even take your photos or videos. Click and drag, enlarge the image with two fingers and rotate it, among other possibilities, to change it to your liking.

Are your friends close? Take a picture of all of you using the useful timer. Adjust it to last up to 30 seconds so that all your friends can be in the picture. Don’t forget to choose your favorite photo transformation to surprise your friends.

Are you ready to transform your photos in amazing ways? Try the Mega Photo Pro app now!

Download Mega Photo Pro APK Current Version 1.6.2

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