Mystery of Fortune 2 APK Current Version 1.61.6

Mystery of Fortune 2 APK Current Version 1.61.6

Download Mystery of Fortune 2 APK Current Version 1.61.6

Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. This is the official sequel to SRPG Mystery of Fortune (2014).

Explore dugeons with your own army and try to make the bodies more efficient.

You must charge your phone while playing!


  1. 25 units available and more than 35 monsters.
  2. Macro battle system that helps battles.
  3. Changing the class system allows you to acquire various skills and strategies.
  4. . More gears and items to equip and collect.
  5. Total of 85 dungeons in 14 states to explore.

Game rules

  1. Each battle is carried out automatically. The Gat player sets up strategies and levels units for the battle, before the battles begin.
  2. You must set up a combat AI called battle macro for units before the battle begins. For example, you can configure the best strategy for battles by arming the condition and executing a sentence such as: “Use the ability when you encounter an enemy at close range” and “Heal yourself when you lose 50% HP.”
  3. In the Pub you visit before entering the dungeon, you can get some tips for your strategy, hire new units, buy items and battle macro to prepare for the next battle.
  4. Once the battle begins, the player watches it. You can use items to heal your units or fill Ether when you need it.
  5. When your units eliminate enemies in the current wave, they will automatically advance to the next wave. If you lost all units in battle, the exploration ends.
  6. When the exploration ends, you receive gold and items that you can use to upgrade your units.

How to use save data in the cloud

Caution: Cloud storage overwrites data on your phone, so your existing data could be deleted. It is recommended to use when transferring data after changing the device only.

If your data is deleted while using cloud save, it cannot be recovered. Please pay close attention.

(Data prior to March 9, 2020 cannot be restored. Save new data.)

  1. Click the “Game Pad” button on your existing device.
  2. Synchronize the saved data by clicking the “Save data” button. Do not close the application or break the Internet connection. The data may be lost. Whenever the process is stuck at 0% too long, close the app and restart.
  3. Click the “Game Pad” button on your changed device.
  4. Click the “Upload data” button and synchronize the saved data from the servers. Do not close the application or interrupt the Internet connection as indicated above.
  5. When you start the application, the previous saved data will be loaded. Now you can play the game.

Synchronize your saved data by clicking the “Save Data” button to continue losing your data.

Use “Upload Data” when you change your cell phone again or just lose saved data. The company is not responsible for the reversal data by executing “Load data” under normal conditions.

This app supports tablet mode.

Download Mystery of Fortune 2 APK Current Version 1.61.6

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