Sorcery! APK Current Version 1.5a1

Sorcery! APK Current Version 1.5a1

Download Sorcery! APK Current Version 1.5a1

An epic adventure in a land of monsters, traps and magic.

“You should choose to own this adventure” – Eurogamer

“The Inkle adaptation of Sorcery! Takes the genre to a whole new level” – Kotaku

Based on legendary designer Steve Jackson’s million-selling Fighting Fantasy series Sorcery! is an interactive adventure spanning four chapters and a whole world of traps, monsters, magic, and mayhem. Cast spells with strange and strange consequences. Take risks. Play with elves. Explore caves, mines and treacherous cities. Survive, if you can …!

  • Your own story: thousands of options, all of which are remembered
  •  Forge your own path through a hand drawn map
  • Unique bluff and deception based combat system
  • From the creators of 80 DAYS, TIME magazine’s 2014 game of the year.

“Beautifully done … this exciting story has us well and really hooked” – Pocket Gamer (Gold Award)

“Some times I feel like I’m wasting my time writing a review when I really should be pointing to a game and demanding that people play it. This is one of those times. Steve Jackson’s witchcraft is an absolutely wonderful fantasy tale adventure! Exuberantly Illustrated and expertly told, no one should be lost or remotely interested in the genre. ” – Gamezebo

“Let’s not fight the words here … The unique combination of tabletop role-playing witchcraft (including an amazing combat system very different from anything I’ve seen before), and branching paths crafted with custom scripts that preserve the feel of Steve Jackson’s work make me feel now you want … no, you MUST get it “- Just press Start

Featuring original artwork by John Blanche, character art by Eddie Sharam (DC Comics), and an interactive map by Mike Schley (Wizards of the Coast).


Download Sorcery! APK Current Version 1.5a1

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