The Three Little Pigs APK Current Version 1.8

The Three Little Pigs APK Current Version 1.8

Download The Three Little Pigs APK Current Version 1.8 An interactive version of the children’s story The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

No ads or in-app purchases! Playable without Wi-Fi and Internet.

  • * Known in: WDR, n-tv, COMPUTER BILD.
  • * Winner of the “Show Your App” award 2017 in Germany.
  • * Nominated for the GIGA MAUS 2017 in Germany.
  • * Nominated for the literary award “Independent Publisher Book Awards” 2017.

Winner of the Gold Medal of “Global Ebook Awards2017”.

  • * Nominated for the “Best Mobile App Awards” in the categories “Books and Reference, Education, Entertainment, Family and Children, Educational, Family”.

Enjoy a new version of the famous story “The Three Little Pigs” in our new app full of unpublished news! The app is specially designed for preschool or elementary school children who are already learning about technology and mobile devices, and who like to have fun and enjoy exciting children’s stories. Children will discover the story as they play and move at their own pace, motivating them to create their own experiences.

The app contains several qualities of traditional children’s books, while encouraging children to explore and interact in multiple ways. The result is an educational experience full of games and fun. The story is divided into several scenes and each one has a learning objective. The app induces children to play an active role in the narration, which is punctuated by questions and mini-games adapted to their age.

Thanks to the excellent quality of its graphics and full color animations, “The Adventures of the Three Little Pigs” is a truly unique application. In addition to being a safe and valuable teaching tool for children who are beginning to become familiar with technology, it encourages personal development.

Special functions of our application:

  • Available in four languages
  • Fragments of professional music composed especially to please both children and adults
  • Interactive animations that provide a complete and fun experience
  • Questions and games appropriate for children
  • Physical interaction: children can help the wolf knock down a house by blowing into the microphone
  • Extraordinary aesthetic quality, thanks to the careful design of its magnificent graphics
  • As the story is told, text is highlighted on the screen like karaoke, allowing the child to easily recognize the words they hear

Relive and discover the story of “The Three Little Pigs” with your children! Our intention has always been to design an app that parents and children can enjoy together to optimize the learning experience, that’s why we have made sure that it pleases both children and adults and we have created a world that is entertaining as well as interesting.

We await your comments and evaluations. The most important thing for us is to provide joy to the children and satisfaction to our clients. Your ideas are essential to improve our application.

Download The Three Little Pigs APK Current Version 1.8

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