Toca Life: Pets APK Current Version 1.1-play

Toca Life: Pets APK Current Version 1.1-play

Download Toca Life: Pets APK Current Version 1.1-play Welcome to Toca Life: Pets, where you and your animal friends are in charge of the show! How is your favorite pet? Hairy and fast? Wet and slippery? A little creepy? With over 120 animals, Toca Life: Pets has all kinds of pets you can imagine.



Enjoy the great outdoors with pets! Dive into the river, have a picnic on the lawn, play something or discover a hidden cave. Or, set up an agility track to train your pets and test their skills. Rummage around a bit, check the tree, maybe you will find some surprises to enlarge your pet family!



Families sometimes go on a trip without pets, but thanks to the pet hotel, pets have their own vacation! Every pet will find a nice place to play or relax among many cozy places, an aquarium and outdoor space, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird or a lazy bat.


The vet can help sick pets feel better and healthy pets keep it up. You will find pills, drops and the necessary instruments to treat a sick or injured pet. Pets can play outside or wait in comfortable beds until the vet sees them.


Find everything you need to groom, feed, play and care for your pets in the pet store. After shopping, grab a bite to eat at the pet store café where pets also have a table!



This is where the pet breeder starts and ends the day. The cabin, of course, is full of pets that hide in the greenhouse, play on the patio, and splash around in the mud. Don’t worry, the giant tub makes everyone clean again!


Download Toca Life: Pets APK Current Version 1.1-play FUNCTIONS

  • – Role playing games in five locations: Pet Park, Pet Hotel, Vet, Pet Shop, and Breeder’s Cabin.
  • – Meet 23 new characters.
  • – Play and take care of 124 real and fantasy animals.
  • – Bathe muddy pets and leave them clean again.
  • – Play to be a vet and take care of sick and injured pets.
  • – Dress up pets in funny hats, put one hat on top of another and another!
  • – Prepare an agility track to train your pets and help them do the exercises they need.
  • – Pull the branch of the pet park and discover a surprise!

About us:

At Toca Boca, we believe that games have the ability to exercise children’s imaginations and help them discover the world. Our products are designed from the perspective of children and their objective is to develop their playful and creative abilities, in addition to allowing them to be who they choose to be. Our products include award-winning apps with over 200 million downloads in 215 countries and offer fun, safe and open-ended gaming experiences

Download Toca Life: Pets APK Current Version 1.1-play

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