VR Streamer APK Current Version1.2

VR Streamer APK Current Version1.2

Download VR Streamer APK Current Version1.2

New server version 1.2.1

Head tracking mode -New, DirectInput mouse.

  • -New Capture Mode, the desktop level, can help for some games that don’t get captured.
  • VR Streamer streams PC games to your phone and provides head tracking data back to the game on your PC.
  • Please try the demo version before purchasing this application.

What you need to get started:

  • – VR Streamer phone app and VR Streamer server app.
  • – A Windows PC.
  • – A recent mobile phone running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later.
  • – VR head mount like Google Cardboard or one of the many other versions available.

 How does it work:

  • – Start the server application on your PC.
  • – Connect the server application to the phone application through wifi or USB cable.
  • – Load a game on your PC and it will be streamed to your phone.


  • VR Streamer supports TCP (Wifi), USB Tethering, and USB debugging connections.

Show options

  • Adjustable display quality setting
  • Force stereoscopic mode for games that do not natively support VR

Head Tracking

  • Mouse, FreeTrack protocol and FreePIE application support
  • Via FreePIE, head tracking data provided by the server application can be used to emulate keyboards, joysticks, TrackIR, and many input devices plus hardware.

Download VR Streamer APK Current Version1.2

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